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I’ve been practicing in the area of juvenile dependency law since January 2, 1989.  Since that time I and my firms have represented hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the juvenile dependency courts.  We’ve practiced in the areas of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Juvenile Dependency is a very specialized area of legal practice.  Many people refer to Juvenile Dependency as Children’s Court law, or refer to it as (in Los Angeles) as Edelman’s Court Law referring to the name of the main Juvenile Dependency Court in Los Angeles County.  Even though all areas of law are very specialized and particular in knowledge and experience, most lawyers will tell you that Juvenile Dependency is difficult for most lawyers since there are specialized laws, rules and practices in these courts.  You find that most lawyers do not practice in this area and do not want to practice in this area.  In fact, many of clients are referred to our firm from other lawyers and other law firms.

Currently, our firm consists of 3 full time lawyers who practice in this specialized area:  Vincent W. Davis, Stephanie M. Davis, and Robert Granieri.  I’ll start with Stephanie.  Stephanie started practicing in this area of law in January 1989.  She has represented parents, relatives, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, children and foster parents in these court proceedings.  Each type of person represented in the juvenile court brings with it special concerns and rules.  After representing these folks in the trial courts, such as the Edelman’s court house, Stephanie spent many years representing people in the appellate courts doing appeals in juvenile dependency cases.  She developed quite a reputation and was known as one of the best juvenile dependency appellate attorneys in the state of California.

Subsequently, Stephanie Davis, left the private practice of law and became a judicial officer, and sat as a referee or temporary judge, in the Los Angeles Juvenile Court in Inglewood, California, for more than 16 years.  Recently, Stephanie rejoined the firm and is representing people in juvenile dependency courts throughout Southern California.

Next Robert Granieri, started practicing law in 1972, and is the most experienced lawyer in the firm. Bob has been a criminal public defender in Pasadena, the managing partner in a major litigation law firm, private practice for himself, and was also a judicial officer, temporary judge and referee in the Los Angeles Superior Court, including sitting as a referee in the Edelman’s Children’s Court in Monterey Park, California.  Robert had retired, but joined the firm several years ago because he wanted to continue to help people with cases in the Juvenile Dependency Courts.

I was sworn in as a lawyer in December 1986.  I did my first Juvenile Dependency Case in January 1989.  During the first few years doing these cases as court appointed attorney, I was lucky enough to be mentored by several more experienced attorney in this field.  I too have done not only trial work, but also appellate work in this area of law.

My most memorable cases:

  1. Representing a gang member charged with horrific child abuse of his youngest child.  A child with multiple broken bones.  He swore his innocence.  After almost a year in court, we proved that the injuries were the result of the child having “brittle bone” disease, a genetic disorder.
  2. Representing a woman charged with being a drug addict and her children taken away and put in foster care.  In that case we were able to prove that the “drugs” she was taking were medication prescribed by a doctor, and that these drugs were not a basis to remove her children.
  3. Representing a man charged with sexually abusing his 5 year old daughter.  Honestly, even I had a hard time with this one.  He swore he did not do it, and even had been jailed for these crimes.  I was forced to have a trial and cross examine the young girl.  And to everyone’s surprise, the child told the court room that she was told to say this because her maternal grandmother told her to say it.  You see, the maternal grandmother (who worked for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, but not a Deputy) wanted custody of the child.  Her daughter, the mother, was out on the streets of Los Angeles County, using drugs; and the father was going to gain custody of the child if allegations weren’t made and proven against the father.  The grandmother did not like the father, and the environment the father was going to raise the child in; additionally, the grandmother feared that if the father got custody of the child, she would never see the child again.
  4. Representing relatives, an aunt and uncle, from Puerto Rico (which is part of the United States.  I mention this because they were always treated like some foreigners who shouldn’t have the equal protection of our laws.  This case was a long hard battle, and turned out to somewhat famous.  After almost a 2 year battle, a couple of trials, a couple trips to the appellate courts, I was able to get custody of this child from the foster home (who wanted to adopt him as their own), and have the child returned to the relatives in Puerto Rico.  I must admit, that I got very lucky in this case, these cases are sometimes hard to win.

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