Probate Judge Continues in Debt

Youngston, Oct 11, 2013 – YOUNGSTOWN

Mahoning County Probate Court Judge Mark Belinky’s financial problems have become too dense. As a probate judge he is the one held liable for accounting of finances during the sensitive time where susceptible family members trust in him to handle all business procedures that may follow. Following the death of a loved one, he is in charge of their bills getting paid, their debts being handled properly, and all legal transfers of the estate left.

However, could Judge Belinky be in the hot seat during reelection due to his climbing debts? Attorney Susan Maruca plans to challenge him in next year’s Democratic primary.

Allegedly, Judge Belinky has at least four judgments against him regarding taxes that he has not paid, resulting in at least one lien against his Boardman home. The judge was ordered Tuesday to have his wages garnished — he makes about $105,000 annually — to pay a $20,000 loan he borrowed Oct. 14, 2008, from Mike Pallotta of Naples, Fla., and $7,466.64 in interest on that amount. Not to mention, Judge Belinky has about 205 parking tickets in Youngstown between 2000 and 2013, including 53 while being a judge. Allegedly, he has 42 unpaid tickets, totaling more than $1,200 in outstanding fines. Judge Belinky has had other financial problems including owing about $32,000 in federal income taxes with the IRS filing a lien on his house in 2011.

By hiring an experienced Probate Attorney with seasoned people skills and expert legal qualifications, you can protect your inheritance and reduce unnecessary fees, delays, and potentially negative tax consequences.

When a loved one or relative passes away, probate attorney, Vincent W. Davis, can help file a petition of probate with the court for an order that officially appoints the executor. This process is designed to provide notice to creditors, beneficiaries, and other interested parties sufficient time to file claims against the estate. A lawyer has the experience and tools necessary to locate long-lost heirs to give them notice as is required to satisfy the probate requirements.

Following the filing of the petition, a hearing is scheduled to resolve any issues should anyone contest the will or object to the petition. If there is a legitimate will, and if the will is upheld, the appointed executor will manage all aspects of the estate, including inventorying assets, paying creditors, bills, and taxes, managing real property or businesses, filing, and accounting.

Once the appointed executor completes all of his or her required duties, most often with the help and guidance of a probate lawyer, a petition is filed to distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Free Consultation, please feel free to call us at 626-446-6442 or visit us at https://probateandtrustlawyers.com/, where you will also find additional information, testimonials, and success stories.

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